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There has never been a more crucial time to choose a place of learning that understands and actively combats these challenges. At Bar Ilan University, we offer not just an education, but a safe and supportive community where diverse perspectives are valued and cultural heritage is celebrated.

New Undergraduate Programs!

First year in English with intensive Hebrew Ulpan. Integrate into the Hebrew program for the balance of your studies

Our Programs

Forge your academic Journey at Bar-Ilan’s International School! Explore a range of undergraduate degrees in English, including Political Science, Communication, and Humanities (English Literature, Linguistics, and Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies). We also offer 16 diverse graduate programs and a brand-new Cyber Security & Data Protection certificate – all in English!

Affordable Excellence

Experience world-class education without the financial burden. Bar Ilan University offers affordable tuition, ensuring that academic excellence is accessible to all. Here, your ambitions and potential are not limited by financial constraints.

Supportive Environment

You’re never alone at Bar Ilan. Our supportive staff and welcoming community are here to guide you through your academic journey. Whether it’s academic counseling or personal support, we’re dedicated to your success and wellbeing.

International atmosphere with students from over 68 countries

The diversity in Bar Ilan isn't just acknowledged; it's celebrated

Engage with different cultures, ideas, and perspectives

Enrich your academic and personal life in our campuse

Vibrant Social Life

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Join us now at
Bar Ilan University

Join us at Bar Ilan University where every day is a step towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.
Discover your potential, explore your heritage. and shape your future!

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Bar Ilan – Your Home Away from Home

At Bar Ilan University, we’re more than just an institution; we’re a family.
We invite you to join us, to be a part of a unique experience where your academic aspirations and cultural heritage converge. Specifically now, as we witness a disturbing rise in antisemitism globally, especially within academia, Bar Ilan University stands as a beacon of tolerance, understanding, and cultural pride.

Academic Excellence

Our commitment to academic rigor and research excellence is unwavering.

With a variety of courses available in English, you can pursue your passion in a variety of fields, while receiving a globally recognized education.

Join us now at Bar Ilan University

Discover your potential, explore your heritage. and shape your future!

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Join us now at
Bar Ilan University

Discover your potential, explore your heritage. and shape your future!